About Us

Standard Broadcast is a community for digital creators, co-founded by Dave Wiskus, CGP Grey, and Philipp Dettmer.

We help creators to build long-term sponsor relationships, develop their brand identity, refine their workflow, and increase their production value. From educational YouTube shows to music videos to podcasts, the shows we represent are made by some of the smartest, most creative people online. Smart, funny, entertaining, and above all, engaging, reaching a worldwide audience of over 30 million.

As such, we're highly selective about the creators we work with and the sponsors we put in front of that audience. Our job is to help create the best shows possible, and advertisements — even at their best — are part of that content. Our first responsibility is to the shows and their fans.

From website companies to online backup services to printed photographs, we carefully select sponsors that add value. Things we think are novel, interesting, essential, or otherwise great. Things we would recommend to our friends and families.

If you have a product or service that you think would be a good match for any of our shows, get in touch.