Production Services

Lights, camera... what else? Whether you're just getting into the world of online video or you're a seasoned pro looking to revamp your channel branding, we can help you produce polished audio and video content.


Visual Design

Your channel's logo should be distinct enough to stand out, but simple enough to print on a t-shirt to wear around Vidcon. Likewise, your video thumbnails should be immediately recognizable as yours while clearly indicating what new viewers should expect from your show. And those branding elements should guide the style of your show from beginning to end.

From avatars to banners to thumbnails to in-video graphics to typography, our design team can help you create a unique visual identity for your channel.


Audio and video editing can be easy to pick up but difficult to master. We've edited hundreds of hours of video and thousands upon thousands of hours of audio, and we have a fair bit of experience with music production. You can outsource your video editing to us, or we can work with you to set up your workflow to consistently generate professional-quality results.


Public-domain audio is getting easier to find, but the best shows have custom music that fits the personality of the show. Theme songs, music cues, and sound design will all shape the way your audience thinks of your show. We love sound design, and it just so happens that we're musicians first, and a video production company second.

Product Videos

App developers and Kickstarter hopefuls, we're here to help. We cut our teeth on the App Store, and we know iOS product marketing very well.