Post Production Coordinator

First off, this description is a wishlist, not a checklist. We want to find a super-amazing person to join our team, and we’re well aware that “super-amazing” can come in all different forms. If you’re a little less experienced on a specific bullet point, or if you didn’t go to a fancy school, apply anyway. We look at candidates, not resumes. 

About the Role

Standard is looking for an experienced Post Production Coordinator to oversee our post production & digital asset workflow for Nebula Originals, Classes and additional projects. The ideal candidate will have post production experience in short-form digital content, and longer-form digital projects. Interest in education-ish content a plus! They should have an understanding of nuanced post production phases and workflows. They should be highly-organized, a forward-thinker, and adept at delivering big-picture ideas for efficient systems. A keen eye for detail is a must.


  • Manage Post Production workflow across multiple projects simultaneously, including Classes, Originals, YouTube, and Syndication
  • Supervise deliverables process, including digital asset management and quality control of Classes and Originals prior to release
  • Maintain a release schedule and post production calendar targeting key project movements and delivery dates, ensuring all media assets are delivered on time and to spec
  • Onboard & orientate new team members as they are hired, including editors, motion graphic designers, and audio engineers
  • Stay ahead of updates across the software & systems we use
  • Work with Senior Leaders to suggest continuing education for growing the skills of our team members
  • Collaborate with Project Managers to oversee daily tasks

What We’re Looking For

  • At least 3+ years professional post production experience
  • Editor or Assistant Editor background a major plus
  • Awareness of post production technology and workflows
  • Excitement to work with a great team in a fast-paced environment
  • Adaptive communication skills, with the ability to convey important details from junior editors up to the CEO
  • Strong attention to detail and a proactive, independent working style 
  • Efficacy with time management and prioritizing of tasks
  • Top-notch interpersonal, problem-solving, and collaborative abilities 
  • Excitement about YouTube content and creators
  • Enthusiasm for longterm growth in post production and digital content

Pay & Perks

  • Competitive salary starting at $65,000 per year 
  • Flexible work hours and vacation policy 
  • Diverse, socially-minded team of nice people 
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans (for US-based employees) 
  • 401(k) and other benefits 
  • You’ll get to work with some of the best creators on YouTube

About Us

Standard is a sort of talent management agency and production company for thoughtful YouTubers and podcasters. We do a lot of things, so it’s hard to explain it all in a single paragraph, but our mission is to empower independent creators. Most of our time is spent talking or working with the creators directly, one on one or in a group, coming up with better tools and toys for them.

We’re a distributed company. We have offices in NYC and Denver, but more than 50% of the team is remote, in exotic locations like the UK, the Netherlands, France, and Ohio.

Because we’re distributed and because most of our tasks aren’t immediately time-sensitive we don’t really have operating hours, per se. There are things to do and meetings to be had, but we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We think this makes Standard a great place to work for people with families, or whose productive hours tend to be outside of the 9-5. We care about what you do more than when you do it.

How We Hire

We think that diversity is important. Many of us have non-traditional backgrounds. We work in the online education space, so we understand how much can be learned on your own, on the Internet, outside of a classroom.

We’re looking for people who are curious and passionate. Our team should be made up of people of all sorts of colors, genders, and sizes, who can help to expand our perspective and improve our ability to treat our creators and our audience with thoughtfulness and empathy.

If that sounds like you, we’re happy to care less how many years of experience you have or where you went to school. Apply anyway. And if you have any feedback on how we could reach or appeal to a more diverse pool of talent, get in touch.

To Apply

Send an email to [email protected] and include:

  • The position.
  • What excited you about the role.
  • Your resume, obviously.
  • Links to relevant work available online (github, etc).
  • A note or two about your interests outside of work. This is usually more interesting than the resume part.

Tip: “tv” is part of our domain, not our name.